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Arikia's Spiritual Quest

Have faith and trust in yourself. And make the journey.

-:- Arikia -:-

-:- I'm 22-years-old in college.
-:- Looks: Long red straight hair, blue eyes, 5’4
-:- Personality just to name a few: Loyal, friendly, moody, has dreams she cannot explain, artist, writer, dreamer, singer, tries hard on studies, has been known to read minds [to some extent. Not sure how it happens...], trustworthy, planner...
-:- Most of my time is collecting, the arts, babysitting, and spending time with family/friends.
-:- Working on my dreams/goals for life.

.+.x.~My Journal~.x.+.
My journal will be about my past, daily life, personal thoughts, dreams, and hopes for my future, etc. Sometimes my mood will change frequently and I also happen to write a lot at times.

.+.x.If you wish to add me let me know. I'm always interested in making new friends.x.+

Arikia Friends Only

+.x.Friends Only.x.+
If you wish to add me, the only thing I ask of you is to first introduce yourself so I can learn a little more about you.

"A dog cannot make this journey alone. But...maybe a wolf can..."

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Arikia lives in a world of her own. She loves to collect things that catch her eye. In her world of music, art, myths, magic, and writing reins throughout the land. She cares for the little ones in their time of need and spends time with her family and friends. As she walks on this journey she works on her dreams and goals hoping that they’ll one day come true.
Strengths: Arikia is friendly to those she protects and is there when they need to cheer up. She seems to posses’ magic when she touches another soul. Arikia is able to think fast. She also has a creative mind as she dreams on down her journey ahead.
Weaknesses: It’s not perfect in the world she lives in. She can be stubborn at times when there are choices to be made, when she can’t get her way, or when it comes to getting things done on time. She is very emotional at times and has a hard problem with letting things go. Down her road in life she can become quite sassy when you get in her way or make her mad. Sometimes she can be quite shy around new people until she gets to know someone better. She has mood swings occasionally with a temper but who doesn’t? She spends some of her time telling her life story.
Special Skills: Arikia is very creative in her life. She has many talents but her favorite ability is being able to draw what she sees. She can sing from her heart and can tell her stories. She also has a magic ability for making people smile.
Weapons: She has a special power of the mind and spirit but she has claws if you cross her path. She has another side to her when she’s upset but can change back to normal once things cool down.
Motto: "A dog cannot make this journey alone, but maybe a wolf can."

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